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What can you do with zip files?
tyagir2392 (1)

I am just curious, can you publish an app or website with zip files? (I am very new to programming, so don't really know what a zip file is)

tussiez (1499)

.zip files

  1. .zip is not something really related to programming, it's a filetype lol
  2. .zip files are compressed folders. You can reduce the file size of big files like videos and high-res images by compressing them into a .zip.
  3. Depends on what you mean. You can download zip files from a website, but you cannot host a website from zip files. You would need to extract the files from the .zip first.

19wintersp (1121)

@tussiez Theoretically, you could run a server from a ZIP file, literally: people have managed to create polyglot executables and archives.

SameeraMurthy (110)

What a Zip File Is

"ZIP is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression."
A zip file is compressed files or folders. It is very widely used today.

And no, you cannot publish apps or websites as a zip file, but it can contain them.

Hope this helps!

tyagir2392 (1)

So I have a website downloaded in a zip file, what will be the steps to getting it unzipped and into a normal file/folder?

RohilPatel (1534)

You can create apps, yeah like the ones on ur computer, with code, and zip files can be used to hold these apps. It is like a bag for groceries; it is light, and makes things easier.

williham (11)

A google search can help you with a lot of questions,
for example, i did just that and found this:

tyagir2392 (1)

So can you turn it into a normal file?

SixBeeps (5047)

@tyagir2392 Not a file, but a folder.

LeoXu2 (32)

it's basically a folder except it can be downloaded.