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What are some python functions you really need but don't have
btfuss (177)

I'm working on a python module which has a lot of helpful python functions. Just list some below!

Answered by TurtleAndrew (211) [earned 5 cycles]
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TurtleAndrew (211)

Vector types. A function to create an array full of something that can be n dimensions. Functions to add (or other such operations) two lists together. A function to create an image file (from an array of color/gray scale) or extract the colors from an image file (into an array).

TurtleAndrew (211)

Oh, also under the Files class, maybe make a way to write to a file from a list or string or something like that

TurtleAndrew (211)

Maybe a class for binary/non base 10 numbers which allows for adding and subtracting and other math operations.