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What Should I Make?
IMightBeMe (30)

I have been wanting to make something cool in flask but I have no ideas. Leave some in the comment and I might do yours!

Edit: I'm not going to mark this as answered because other people can also use this for ideas so I want a lot of people to comment.

InvisibleOne (2674)

It would be cool to see something made using the new REPLAPI made by JBloves27

IMightBeMe (30)

Yeah. I could add the cycles people have next to their name in the password manager using REPLAPI so it looks a lot like @InvisibleOne

FloCal35 (499)

A lot of people seem to be doing portfolio websites right now

Wumi4 (486)

Maybe a portfolio, or a simple note app, or a password manager/generator, or a Weather App. I also lack of ideas now.

IMightBeMe (30)

Thanks! I think I'll try the password generator. @Wumi4