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Web Based Emulators?
collabvmTails (1)

So recently I've seen some web based emulators for Nes,Snes,Genesis,Gameboy (Color,Advance and og model) and much more,I've also came across Unzor's android emu And i would really like to get started on my own web based emulator (i'd really like it if i could get some help with this,if successful and you helped me i will credit you on the website) and im just wondering if this is possible.

aa2252920 (8)

But i wuld love to join and help but who wil make a team so we can try to make an emulator? Like windows7 and 8? Want to make team @collabvmTails ? I wil love to

aa2252920 (8)

I tred but nothing happen

xxpertHacker (871)

These things aren't easy, especially as these are non-trivial, performance critical, low-level programs that aren't often written in JavaScript.

The end results are highly performant web applications, such as these:,

Sure, it's possible, but it takes a long time, dedication, time, and a complete understanding of what you're trying to emulate. If you don't understand the target that you're trying to emulate, inside and out, then there is little hope of attempting to emulate it.

SixBeeps (5067)

Some web emulators are just built in client JS, with or without a library. Others might even run on a server and transfer screen data and input through a websocket.

Either way, building an emulator is quite difficult. You have to know the internals of the system you're emulating inside out, as well as the ROM formats themselves. Speaking from personal experience, it can get quite tricky if there are multiple ROM formats (the NES is an example of this, each cart has a different hardware layout, and thus different ways of operating.)

You'll also have to look at copyright issues. I'm not sure if Replit would be happy if users were putting illegal ROMs on their server.