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Viewing two file in editor at once

Hello I am trying to view two files at once in the editor. Being able to see the HTML tag and add to the CSS at the same time.

I looked in Settings, the F1 shortcut for the Command Palette and it does not show this feature. That most other editors offer and comes in handy.

Even the 10 minute Getting Started video only shows how to add a file. But he still has to select in-between them, only allowing one file opened in the editor at a time.

Am I missing something ?? Or is there no way to split the editor window like I can in VS Code or even Notepad++.

The link is to my post on the Forums but scrolling through them it seems. To show very little activity in any replies. So I am trying here. Thanks and it seems like a very simple feature.


You can control+click the file you want to view and it will open it in a new editor tab (not a new browser tab).




Thanks for the reply and I figured that part out exploring the IDE. I was looking to split the editor window so both tabs were showing / allowing to edit both files. It only allows one tab open at a time. I guest because of the sandbox. FOR ME at least working with CSS and HTML it is easier to style the pages. Seeing both files opened, especially with a bunch of classes and div's are involved. I have been using VS Code and has that as a feature, two file tabs opened at once in the editor window. They don't have a sandbox, just the terminal / console below it. I hit Live Preview and it opens up the html web page in a new window and auto updates the changes as you make them. ALL GOOD just a little inconvenience. I was turned onto this by a friend and the Mulpti-player feature is VERY COOL. VS Code has Live Share but I do believe they want you to pay for the Team service monthly to use it. Thanks again for you time and it is a very good tool to understand and work with. Once the page start to get 30 to 40 classes and id trying to remember what html tag they go with gets nuts. Peace and thanks for the help!!