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Very likely this is a very dumb question.

It's about computer animation or graphics (all I know is that computer animation is a type of computer graphics...I think).

But anyway my question is how would I use it in a video game if I wanted to make a more realistic game (as in like Minecraft or Valorant realistic)? I know it's vague but yeah. Dumb it down if you need too I just need the most basic idea of how it works not a lot of detail, but just enough to have a basic understanding.

P. S. I know this is probably REALLY dumb. In fact I know that I'm probably asking the question really wrong and that makes you think I'm even dumber.

Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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that is a really really general question
the thing is
if you were making a video game
you would have access to computer animation and graphics
that would literally be what you would be coding to change in a way

I would start with unity


@Coder100 Thanks!