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Using flask and replit in prodction
Tank1334 (0)

Hi! I have been working on a flask project using replit and was wondering what steps should I take now that it's ready for production, security wise, performance wise, etc. I have hacker plan and am obviously planning to use a custom domain, just want to see if I am missing anything before going to the world. I used replit for the entire development and will be pain to go elsewhere for production

21natzil (1194)

What WSGI engine are you using?

Tank1334 (0)

What is that? I just use what flask has to run it

21natzil (1194)

@Tank1334 If you're deploying flask to production, you should use gevent or gunicorn as the WSGI http server. This will make the calls asynchronous.

Coder100 (18057)

Its already in 'production' they just remind you to use an actual host, but replit is a host.