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Use a web site as a console for a code, without showing the code
afsalazar (4)

I have a question... i want to create a simple code using python... and then i want it to upload the code to a website, just as does.
Then i pretend to share the link of the code(as repl), but instead of showing the hole code i want to just give the option of "run the code" and use the console.
Does this website exist???

Answered by Nayoar (573) [earned 5 cycles]
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Nayoar (573)

Hi afsalazar,
The easiest way to do what I think you mean is probably to use To do this, enable explorer mode in your account (account > roles > explorer) and then whenever you use a python repl, a page will display instead of the normal terminal. You can then share the link to this page, and the automatically runs the code whenever anyone visits it, without showing people the actual code.

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afsalazar (4)

@minx28 thank you so much!!! just what i was looking for!

Nayoar (573)

@afsalazar no problemo

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