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Updating Node.js environment

Now that Node.js v14 is the Active LTS branch, I think it's time to update the Node environment from v12 (or at least give us the option). I know this is a popular way to run Discord bots, and the Discord.js library will be updating to v13 in "mid-end of June" and will require Node v14.

I did find this post with a script that can update to Node v14, but only at runtime, the workaround gets reverted when you restart the project. Just having v14 native in the environment would be much easier

Also, somewhat related, this is the Repl that needed Node v14. It's a Discord webhook that uses a D.js v13 method. I tried using the update script and I think it works, but I'm getting a dependency problem with it that I don't get without. I tried to troubleshoot further but gave up and just downgraded the webhook to not use that method. I explained a bit more in the README. If anyone has a solution, I'd love to hear it!

Answered by EpicGamer007 [earned 5 cycles]
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Its kind of a meme now but a bash repl has node version 14 already (which is why all my nodejs projects from now on are in the bash repl). Hopefully though, the get nodejs repls updated soon.


@EpicGamer007 Oh, awesome! It works perfectly in bash, thanks so much for letting me know.


I made a post for updating node if u still need it: