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Unable to type in Quotation marks

Hi, I am posting this on behalf a student :

The Initial problem was that the student couldn't type quotation marks in the code she was typing in the online interface. We thought it was a keyboard issue but it turns out the keyboard was okay and it was just in that she couldn't type quotation marks; another symbol would appear on the screen instead. Based on this we had her changed browser which seemed to allow her type quotation marks but then when she submitted two pieces of code to me there were no quotation marks in one piece of work and the other showed no code at all.............. She couldn't stream her work either. ANy suggestions?

theangryepicbanana (1701)

Settings > General > Keyboard > turn off "Smart Punctuation"

Coder100 (18906)

Hi! Basically what happened was probably "smart" quotes. Did they look like this:

let g = “string”;

You will have to manually turn that off in autocomplete settings of your current device..

eekboi (285)

Hey! What programming language, browser, and system are you using? I'd love to help you!

PattanAhmed (1412)

Can we kindly ask you Which programming language are you talking about?
Please answer so that we can solve your issue.
Hope this helps.

JosephSanthosh (992)

What language is this? Let me try helping you!


hello anyone?!?!?!?!?!?


Thanks for the reply Team! Coding language is Python, and its a Windows 10 machine running Google Chrome