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Two Questions
adityavengata (18)

I have 2 questions

1) I know mining is against the repl TOS, but it is allowed if I upload my python mining scripts to a static htmlcssjs repl? Im not going to be running it; I need a way where I can send the scripts to a laptop which only has CLI Alpine Linux, and I can only use CURL to get mining scripts on there.

2) When I do try it, it just lags the repl. Is this some kind of mining detection?

Coder100 (18904)
  1. yeah that's fine, because it isn't being run -- no resources are being used, but maybe try something else, like google drive?
  2. you shouldn't even be doing this. Please stop.
adityavengata (18)

#1 - Google Drive doesnt let me host public URL's I can send GET requests to get the code
#2 - Do what? Your scaring me...

IMayBeMe (543)

1) as long as you don’t run it on repl’s servers you should be fine
2) it’s not mining detection but rather the lack of power form the servers. You can buy hacker plan and use boosted repls for more power

adityavengata (18)

@IMayBeMe Ah ok but for #2 im not running anything; im literally saving as a txt file so I cant see how it takes resources