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Turn Off Automatic Parentheses
modusponens (0)

How might one turn off the feature whereby the editor automatically adds a right parenthesis whenever the left parenthesis key is pressed?

JPRO2 (0)

how do you go to the end of the line instead of typing in ],),} at the end of it anyway? If there was a key I could press instead of typing it anyway even though it is autofilled that would be great.

magicmusic (0)

I would also like to request this, I am used to typing exactly what I want. I spend more time correcting bugs introduced by the editor trying to be helpful by adding in extra brackets, quotes etc. than actually writing code. Please give us a way to switch this off!

ash15khng (724)

I don't think there's a way to turn it off, but hopefully we can get more options for the editor!
Also why would you turn off automatic parentheses? Just curious.

kaptainkrazy (0)

@ash15khng When you reach the end of a line, and there is parenthesis you have to take your fingers off the home row to get to the arrow keys. To help improve typing speed and fluidity of typing, you would just try to type the parenthesis. (very late response ik lol)


I don't think you can.