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Tkinter Assistance
CourtneyStenzho (1)

I'm looking for some guidance. When I run my python code with the tkinter module, it doesn't seem to be displaying properly. The display window just turns black. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answered by XanderEhlert (152) [earned 5 cycles]
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XanderEhlert (152)

It looks like you are trying to open a file that doesn't exist (greenChar.gif).
Try adding that file to your files (the button that looks like a page on the left.)

CourtneyStenzho (1)

Thank you. I completely forgot to upload the file. Now one more little detail. Can you help me with making the screen size bigger so the text is not cut off?Thanks @XanderEhlert

XanderEhlert (152)

@CourtneyStenzho I don't know much about Tkinter sorry.

Maybe on line 10 change the width and height to higher numbers?

if my answer helped can you approve it or whatever the reply thing is?