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Repl installing packages every time a program is used?

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Repl installs packages simply by readng the import statements in the Python code, which is cool, but it installs a package every time a user runs the code.

I am loving Repl, but installing packages every time is making useless. I cannot distribute it to people because it takes a lot of time to make the program ready for execution. Every time I load the URL of my program it starts with the message:

--> python3 -m poetry install
Installing dependencies from

and then carries on to install all packages imported in the program. I even tried to install the packages beforehand through the Packages menu, but still the same happens when I try to run the program.

Is there a solution to this?

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This is because repl does, what I call "Server hopping". It has some Docker images and vCPUs. Each time you access a repl, it "chooses" a server. Chances are, the server doesn't have the packages you need.

I cannot distribute it to people because it takes a lot of time to make the program ready for execution.

What do you mean by "distribute"? Repl is an IDE. A tool. If you want to share your Python code with non-devs, you should use PyInstaller.

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Repl is not just an IDE. The interface is not an IDE. Yes, many people use Repl as an IDE, but I find it very convinient for clients to give them a URL (a endpoint) instead of an executable file.

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The interface is not an IDE.

It's not. I agree. But is Python IDLE a dev enrioment? Yes. But Python is also, in a R.E.P.L.

But overall, is first a dev environment. If you want less packages, you have use less.

If you want a computer GUI (Kde, GNOME), you have to have X. You have to have all that X needs. Repl just installs everything at once, because it hops servers. I use repl for website hosting, and it works. But hosting a desktop app on Not a good idea. For me doesn't work.

Again, your clients are also just used to double clicking the *.exe file, like all Windows users. I don't think that installing software is such a hurdle. You can put is on GitHub and give them the download link. You can even make a deb and put it on Debain-Main.