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This code won't run it just keeps loading. Please help
boygenius99 (0)

I got no errors just a loading screen if anyone can help I'm open to it. /_ \

Bookie0 (6259)

What does the loading screen look like? Can you attach a screenshot?
Also, it might be because replit is slow. You just have to wait, or you can reload the page. Perhaps try forking the repl?

boygenius99 (0)

@Bookie0 I tried waiting, reloading, and everything! here is a screenshot

Bookie0 (6259)

@boygenius99 did you try to fork the repl?

boygenius99 (0)

@Bookie0 How do I fork the repl?

Bookie0 (6259)

press the name of your repl,

click the 3 dots, and hit fork:

IMayBeMe (458)

Re-login into repl and try again. It should work

boygenius99 (0)

@IMayBeMe Sadly, it didn't work ╯︿╰