Moderator Warn
ChezCoder (1589)

Hello mods, I got a notification saying that "You have been warned by a moderator. Click here to learn more."

So I clicked it and it said:


#1: swearing/spamming in a post

Thing is, I have never done any of the things mentioned above... If I have and I am not seeing it, I am deeply sorry and will never do it again.

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ChezCoder (1589)

@TheDrone7 ok, so I was talking to @Vandesm14 on discord and apparently, the reason I was warned was because I mentioned him in the post to get him to delete it but it looked like I was talking to him like that. Also, for the spam, the person made multiple posts on multiple boards (tutorial, share, and ask I believe) and I mentioned Vandesm on all three to get him to delete them so it looked like spam. I'm trying my best to get this warning removed because it lowers my reputation with mods and replers in general, but of course no one is believing me :(