How much web storage does repl give you?

For the repl html editor, how much storage are you given?

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The pricing page says the free plan comes with 1GB file storage and a max file size of 2MB. What I don't know is if you can have unlimited files and the 1GB is for files your app creates OR if you can't even create files and just use that 1GB size limit for you actual app code?



  • 1GB means your whole account,
  • 2MB means a single project.

@NoNameByProgram Let's say i'm making a nodejs app, does the 2MB include what is inside the node_modules folder? We don't see it and we don't really have access to it. It's just for the packages you are using.


@rblxploit I don't think so, but that's just my guess.


@NoNameByProgram the thing about that, my account has multiple projects with some way over the supposed 2MB file limit. (one of them is like 100+MB) so...


@Sbot50 huh, that's... weird.


@NoNameByProgram so I made my own post the day I responded to your message on this one and I think these are the limits:


@Sbot50 ik this is an old post but i am on the free version as well and had a program that was like 6gb. and the program basically downloaded video files from youtube so idk


@zhaq6129 that probs means repl just doesnt limit it.