'fork/exec /usr/bin/php: operation not permitted' again & again!
ziggy (0)

I was using the PHP - CLI as a free user. I had no problems. I thought I would give back to the developers and sign-up for the Hacker plan. I am trying to use PHP - Webserver, and it's basically unusable due to the following error 'fork/exec /usr/bin/php: operation not permitted' I've Googled to try to find out what the problem is many times - I've yet to find a proper answer.

It's not my code - it's about as basic as it gets. Could somebody please enlighten me? I will provide a link to the code - it may work the first time. Is there something I have to configure on my end? I've disabled UBlock Origin.

I may have to revert back t the free plan - not being able to use PHP Webserver is a deal breaker for me.


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TheDrone7 (1777)

The error is a repl.it error that happens when either of the following 2 conditions are met: -
1. You run out of resources while trying to do something. For example: infinitely creating new files with some content in them.
2. Bad container.
Either way, forking the repl should fix it. Work on the newly forked repl and delete the old one and you're good to go!

ziggy (0)

@TheDrone7 It's deffo not No. 1. More likely No. 2. I'll try your suggestion - thanks for the help.

TheDrone7 (1777)

@ziggy it's mostly no. 2 and if it works, be sure to mark it as the right answer.

ziggy (0)

@TheDrone7 I did as you suggested, It worked for about 10 mins, then threw up the error, then stopped working. I'm going to post it as a bug report.

TheDrone7 (1777)

@ziggy I think it's a known issue. And they recently updated PHP repls so it has more bugs that the other languages.