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Teams vs Classroom

I'm a high school teacher and want to know if is planning to discontinue the free Classroom capability and replace it with the new paid Teams concept for giving assignments.


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so uh, they discontinued classroom.


@mikemcguire Hi,
Nothing to worry!

Teams for Education is going on something called Closed BETA
It can be free and paid too.
Read this website to know more:-
Click here

Classrooms are better in your case, I think.
But you have to apply for getting Classrooms for free.
Click here to apply

If you want to get tutorials on using these both, then check out this website:-
Click here
You will find the index on the left:-

That's it

Hope this helps


Hi there!

I dont think is going to discontinue or end the free Classroom, because many people use it. All they might do is just add/remove some features.

If you're unsure, you can always email [email protected]
And if you want to suggest something, you can do it here:


They will probably not discontinue classroom, although I think it will hopefully get a redesign. teams are probably for like group projects that don't need grading