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Stuck in an Insert Mode with Black Cursor
juliamcneill (0)

I'm stuck in a mode that has a black cursor and says either --VISUAL-- --INSERT-- or --NORMAL-- at the bottom and there's no indication of how to get out. Because of this, I can't type in the document. This is happening to all of my repl.its. If I press the "i" key, I temporarily get out, but not when I refresh the page. How do I get out of this mode permanently?

Coder100 (18071)

yeah we call that the vim editor

only coding big brains can take the time to learn all the commands to even copy and paste, which is nice.

But if you learn vim you can really look like a hacker!

anyways, were you trying to play with keybinds?

in any repl, go to settings

keybinds default

then hit refresh.

ErsatzEin (8)

Go into any repl, go to the settings on the left side of the screen and select default keybindings.

Coming from experience with the accidental switching of keybindings.