LittleNomster (113)

So um how can everyone make so much better repls than me. Its makin it impossible to win challenges. :{ I just wanna know your secrets to such success!

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Answered by AlexanderTarn (281) [earned 5 cycles]
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mwilki7 (1136)

• Start small. (I began with Pong as my first JavaScript project a year ago)
• Know what you want to do before coding. (i.e. Make a pong game, make a maze game, make a .... etc)
• Have distinct and achievable goals. ("Make a UI prototype", "Fix this bug", "Organize this list", "Draw a picture of how this function should work", "Implement the function I drew")
• Use code from small projects to create larger ones. (My projects today, still use the same code I made in that Pong program I made)

• Discipline > Inspiration, force yourself to get into the habit of programming a little bit per day. (I still struggle with this one)

• Watch tutorials, interesting projects
One of my favorite youtube channels (programming + hilarious)