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[Solved] Is it possible to use Jupiter notebooks here?

Can I use jupyter files on For example, I upload my data in csv format and my jupiter notebook? I would try but first, it would be better to consult senior members here so I don't do something in vain. As far as I can guess, using jupiter is not possible on the site, if I am not wrong:).

*Thank you very much in advance. Best wishes to all.*

Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text.

Sounds like GitHub to be honest. has no integration for Jupyter Notebooks, but if you need to share some code, you can just give the person the link to your repl, as they are publicly hosted.


@niorg2606 Thank you very much my friend, it saved me some time, otherwise I would try in vain. I appreciate your help. Best Wishes


@niorg2606 It seems to be for python. does have Github integration, if that's needed.


@Vandesm14 Thank you dear friend. You helped me a lot both here and in discord. Thxs.I connected my github account to repl.,t as well.And added the badge in my small github account. I am new to github as well, after I learn more things, I will start contributing to projects. I liked your question answer website project..Quick.


@EmrePython if @niorg2606 answered your question, be sure to mark his comment as the answer!


@Vandesm14 yes my friend, I was unware of that feauture. You also helped a lot, so Can I also mark you in the same question? You deserve more than, by the way :). Thank you


@EmrePython You can't mark two things as an answer in, but you can always upvote all of their replies. Doing so gives them cycles, much like marking things as an answer :)


@niorg2606 Thank you dear friend. I appreciate.Best wishes


1. create a new github repository ex. jupyter_notebook
2. create a empty python file ex.
3. clone the github repository to ("import repo")
4. @.replit file, replace ' run = "" ' with ' run = "jupyter notebook --ip= --port=3000" '
5. type these in terminal(in order):
a. pip install --upgrade pip
b. pip install notebook
c. (jupyter --version ← if you want to check)
d. jupyter notebook --generate-config
e. jupyter notebook password
6. Enter and confirm the password
7. click the "Run" button and here you go
Ps. if you want to save them back to github:
1. git init
2. git add .
3. (git status ← if you want to check)
4. git commit -m "<anything>"
5. git push -u origin master


If you plan to do this online, I would maybe check out something like Google Colab.