krishnakl (0)

please help me i am a new user. what are the basics of repl.it

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Bookie0 (6360)

So ya repl.is an online IDE where you can code in many different languages such as Python, C++, HTML CSS JS, LOLCODE, Ruby, Haskell, NodeJS, etc. All languages here

Repl.it stands for Read, Eval, Print, Loop it.

To make new repl click the + sign in the top right corner, or the + New Repl button.

Visit the taskbar to check out more stuff like your repls (your projects), the home page, notifications, etc.

We also have this feature called repl talk, were you can post your projects, make tutorial, templates, and ask questions. Rules for repl talk here :)

There's also this thing called cycles, basically they are useless reputation internet points. You get 1 cycle when someone upvotes your post/comment or selects your answer as correct (+5 cycles). The number of cycles you have are indicated by the number in the paranthesis. They don't have any value, but it's rumored repl.it is planning on adding some value to them in the future, but don't count on that (it's a pretty bad idea lol).

That's about all. Just be nice, don't spam on repl talk, and yea you'll be fine. If you have any other questions feel free to reply :D

Good luck!! =)