Terraria server restarting.

Hello, i recently installed a terraria server on one of my repls. It's not laggy and i'm pretty happy about it. I already bypassed that i can't host a site while the server is running but now i'm facing another problem, server is restarting every ~10hrs. It's kind of annoying because i need to type in new ip, because i'm using ngrok and my world sometimes doesn't even save. I'm sending output of my script that shows when it restarted.

07-06-2021_21-06-38 | started server
07-06-2021_21-06-40 | started server
08-06-2021_06-15-45 | started server
08-06-2021_19-17-33 | started server

First two are from me when i was testing it.

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@SixBeeps Yes it's enabled, i even tried having uptimerobot on it too.