What are the best settings to code ?

Hi all !

My main questions are : What settings do you use to code ? Are they the best settings ? Why ?

This is what I mean by "Settings :

  • Is your layout : stacked or side-by-side ?
  • Is your theme : Dark or light ?
  • Is your font size : normal, large or huge ?
  • Is your indent type : spaces or tab ?
  • Is your indent size : 2, 4 or 8
  • Is your key binds : default, emacs or vim ?
  • Is your wrapping : soft wrap or none ?
  • Is your code intelligence : enabled or disabled ?
  • Is your Infinite loop : enabled or disabled ?

I will choose the best answer and whoever gets the best answer will get 5 cycles.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to upvote !

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Layout: side-by-side
Theme: dark (with custom dark theme too, of course)
Font size: normal (unless your screen is very hd, choose large)
Indent type: tab (easier to move cursor)
Indent size: 2
Key binds: default (emacs and vim take longer to learn)
Wrapping: soft wrap (so you don't need to scroll to the side)
Code intelligence: enabled (easier to find errors)
Infinite loop: enabled

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