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Server stuck on repl waking up?
lemikahriman (1)

I recently made a discord bot with node.js in repl for me and my friends and wanted to keep it on 24/7 using uptimerobot after some hours the bot turns off and when i manually go to the webserver it just hangs on "waking up repl" forever. Is there any reason for this?

SixBeeps (5629)

A lot of the time when a server stays on the 'waking up' page it's because there's an error with the server itself. Check the console log for any errors that are preventing it from actually serving.

lemikahriman (1)

@SixBeeps Where can I find the console logs of replit console? When the bot shuts down and i visit the page the console is empty.

lemikahriman (1)

@SixBeeps Oh wait if you mean the active console, as I said the console is empty when I return to the repl after the bot has shut down. And the webserver is also nowhere to be seen anymore. Just an empty console and I have to start it manually with the start button again.

Korbindev (142)

try to update the uptime bot