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Security Issue
technomustang (5)

Trying to set up Java Swing graphics for use in the school lab.. Apparently there is something in the output of the graphics file that accesses additional library or site that campus security is blocking. Code is tested and working outside the school machines.

IT people are willing to whitelist whatever is needed for the file to work in the lab but have not been able to figure out what additional access is needed for the graphics to work.

Anyone run into this in a school environment?

matthew_chermside (0)

Displays perfectly fine for me inside a school network.

theangryepicbanana (1692)

IIRC uses a VNC utility to display the screen of the repl to users, however I'm not sure what it's called

technomustang (5)

thanks - hoping someone can give us enough information as I would love to have all 50 working graphics online rather than setting up network folders and permissions.