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Rust or C++?
zxsawwer (0)

I wanna know what you guys think


They're both good languages that are very useful.

Reasons to use C++

  • Plenty of documentation and tutorials
  • Great compilers for every platform
  • Weak typing can make the language easier to use

Reasons to use Rust

  • Very modern language with lots of features
  • Strong typing and memory safety help prevent bugs
  • Cargo's build system and package manager make using packages an open source code simple
InvisibleOne (2935)

I don't really know c++ but I've used Rust a little. I think that it would be better to go with C++ for now as there seems to be a lot more support for it, and a lot more coders can help you with issues and such since it is used more commonly and is accepted on many platforms.

Wumi4 (531)

C++ if you want to go easy, Rust if you want to go hard. (In my opinion)