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Running Exe
JackMozza1 (7)

Hey I was wondering if you are able to run exe files in repl

eankeen (2174)


so these repls are all running the linux kernel. linux is *nix system, just like the mac you said you use in the comments. neither of them are unable to run .exe files natively

if you want to run .exe files i would recommend looking into wine. in a sentence, it gives you a compatibility layer for running windows programs on your mac or linux computer.

if you are trying to execute some windows executable file, i would just recommend installing wine on your mac, and running the executable with wine. (there are a lot of good tutorials online for this)

i am not sure why you would need the executable file in the repl you gave us. running it in that python repl is pretty much nearly impossible for all practical purposes, so i would recommend finding an alternate solution if it contains some code you want to run.

hopefully i was able to help :P

RaphielHS (1)

@eankeen i need a .exe file to make my discord bot tslk (ffmpeg.exe)

LuukOriginal (0)

@RaphielHS Same for me, found a solution yet?

LuukOriginal (0)

@RaphielHS I found the solution tho, ai think it should work if you install the ffmpeg module instead and also the ffmpeg-static one, so npm i ffmpeg and npm i ffmpeg-static

theangryepicbanana (1697)

.exe files are exclusive to Windows devices. Why do you need to run it?