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Run Button doesn't work
als10 (2)

Whenever I click the 'run' button, it just waits a seconds (and shows 'stop') and then goes back to the green 'run' button.

My script is supposed to print a statement on running but nothing is printed out to the console. I'm creating a discord bot by the way.

I'm using python3 and running on Safari if that matters.

Edit 1: Link to the repl:

Edit 2: Tested it on Chrome, doesn't work.

Answered by xfinnbar (149) [earned 5 cycles]
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AcaciaHary (0)

Great article. provide me with a lot of useful and timely information.

JakeHu2020 (32)

Replit isn't broken. It is that once the program has finished, it stops/exists.

als10 (2)

@JakeHu2020 But as you can see in the code above, it's supposed to at least print 'Bot Running' but it doesn't

QuickV (114)

Safari replit is broken... I know some other people that have console problems.

als10 (2)

@QuickV I will test it on Chrome and let you know
Edit: doesn't work on Chrome

QuickV (114)

Then maybe something is wrong with the code, but idk what. @als10

xfinnbar (149)

What is the name of the file your code is in?

als10 (2)

@xfinnbar Added the repl to the post

FlappyTheBat (6)

Please add a link to the repl.

als10 (2)

@Coder100 Added the repl to the post