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Results show old version of code after run
vangeest (3)

The latest adjustments to the code in my repl
are not visible in the results window after I click run.
When clicking on "opening a new window" (this is the icon next to pencil in the upper right corner of results), changes are correctly shown.

I did several tests, the problem persisted on other browsers (safari and chrome) and other machine (MacBook Air and Windows laptop).
When creating a fork, the fork does not have the issue.

Any clue what this is, or a workaround would be appreciated.

Screenshot that shows the problem (compare source and result and you quickly notice the difference in the text)

Answered by Geocube101 (645) [earned 5 cycles]
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Geocube101 (645)

If you name a new HTML/CSS/JS repl the same as an older one, the code from the older one will be run. Try renaming your repl or talking with repl staff to delete the old one.

vangeest (3)

@Geocube101 Thanks a lot, renaming the repl made it work again!