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Reset a students submission.
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If a student has attempted a task, but has completely messed it up and wants to start again, how can they reset their work back to when they originally forked it?

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Thanks a lot! Worked perfectly.

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I dont know about any way, but one option you could do is just select it all and delete everything I guess?

actually found this, students should be able to see this: click the reset button and everything should be deleted and taken off.
Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 11.49.02 AM

is this what you wanted?

if no, you can always suggest something in the feedback board here ;)

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There is a Repl history checker button right next to the name of your Repl on the Top-Left Corner of the Screen. From there you can revert the Repl to its original state.

Screenshot (24)_LI

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Thank you for your quick reply, very kind of you. Apologies, I should have been more specific.

I have since updated the task, with extra guidance, but all students who have forked it will not see the changes. I cannot see how to completely reset it so they can re-fork the new revised version.

When they look at the task again it simply says: "Continue working" instead of "Start Project".


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I have this issue as well and cannot find a way to reset with the new additions to a project once a student forks the project. Any word on how to have a "fresh" refork? I tried unpublishing and re-publishing and that didn't change it. Just has the option to "Continue working." Thanks.