Are replit (technically google's) servers in Dearing, Kansas?
Baconman321 (1104)

I was doing some research for badminton and I used a browser emulator to work around network restrictions.

I probably should have remembered that it's a browser emulator and it will have a different location than my own (I can easily fix), but on google maps, it said that I was in Dearing, Kansas.

Is this where google (because replit uses google) hosts their servers? The location shows it is on a road near a lake or other body of water, but also servers are also probably capable of geo-spoofing their location. If the latter is true, then why Dearing, Kansas?

My coordinates and "address" according to the browser emulator.

The general location:

The specific location:

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a5rocks (834)

Replit uses (or used GCP under the hood.

They might still use Heroku too, not sure.

Baconman321 (1104)

@a5rocks Yeah, I heard about both.

I think they use google for image storage and such...

Makes sense, but I wonder if they have their own personal servers/data centers...


@Baconman321 Nope, whatever data center you see should be a Google Cloud Datacenter

Baconman321 (1104)

@novaflippers Well, yeah.... replit too poor for their own personal data center, it costs millions or even hundreds of millions a year to run, and that's excluding the cost to build the center initially.