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Replit Teams for Education and forking

In Replit Teams for Education, if I want to share a replit with students that they are not intended to fork and edit, but merely copy and examples from, so that I can update it with new examples and they always have the latest version from me, how do I do this?

It seems with regular projects, students cannot view them without forking them, at which point they won't see later updates.

With team repls, everyone can collaboratively edit the same version, so this problem doesn't exist, but you are phasing these out, and these are editable by the students rather than read-only for them.

If this best done with. projects, if I make further changes to the original replit after the students fork, do the students know? Is there any capability to merge? If they want to simply backup their fork somewhere and then refork the original replit to get a clean copy, how do you suggest they do so?



Thanks for the information.


why don't you just invite your students to the repl, and it will be the same as a team repl


@ch1ck3n thanks for the suggestion. As mentioned, Team Replits are editable by anyone, and I want to share it read-only to them and able to be updated by me. Currently I use Google Colab notebooks for this but it would be nice to do with Replit if possible.


@MattLease i don't think that is possible in replit, why don't you make a feature suggestion?

also can't you just ask your students to not edit the code

and there Is this thing called spotlight pages, if you click on the three dots in your reply description you will see an option