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Replit Connection Cut On Test Bot?
CoinzTrader (1)


I am currently running tests on a Binance Volatility Trading Bot....but everytime I run a test the bot connection is cut/lost after a maximum of 60 minutes. I upgraded to a Hacker Account to make sure it was not just being throttled as a free user, but still no difference....

Could anyone assist me with this frustrating issue?.


CoinzTrader (1)

I saw the article: but I do not see the Always On functionality on my dashboard, when I click the Replit name I just see a "publish" screen with no "always on" in sight?

VulcanWM (2778)

When you click on your repl name on the repl’s page where the code is you should see the always on sliding button thingy @CoinzTrader

CoinzTrader (1)

Hi @VulcanWM thanks for the comment....unfortunately there is no Always On toggle/button/thingy visible anywhere, I can find an Always On empty folder....but this is way more difficult than it should be, and added to that it appears even when the mysterious Always On is activated, it can still be de-activated at any point in time for no I guess it's back to the drawingboard :(

VulcanWM (2778)

No once you switch it on only you can switch it off
I’ve used always on several times and it’s worked perfectly @CoinzTrader

Coder100 (18253)

after 60 minutes, without always on, the code stops.