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Replit + Cloudflare + Freenom
KadenBlox (6)


I've been trying for 2 days to get my repl a custom domain. So I signed up for a freenom account, got a freenom domain, and I done the Cname stuff with cloudlfare as well.

Here's the problem. It doesn't work.

It keeps appearing with 'run the repl'.

also please explain your response as if you were saying it to a five year old . thank you!

Answered by Coder100 (18109) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (18109)

wow good job it works!!

here is probably why you weren't able to see results immediately: patience

you see domains take forever to link, the world is big you know

so don't forget to check every few hours or so.

KadenBlox (6)

@Coder100 No, turns out Freenom is a piece of garbage. It reset the nameservers I put it in.

Thanks for replying, have a nice day!

Coder100 (18109)
  1. yeah freenom sucks, but hey: its free!

np :D @KadenBlox