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Repl vs Other Editors/IDEs?

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I've been using Repl for ~1 year (I think), and I've been wondering ever since I've start whether I should use desktop, offline IDEs rather than Repl. I see a lot of professional/expert programmers use desktop IDEs rather than Repl, and I was wondering what the reason is? Is it because there is some sort of disadvantage to Repl?

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A lot of stuff won't work. Here's some reasons for that:

  • replit only supports TCP but not UDP
  • replits proxy will serve anything over port 80, meaning no multiple servers or custom ports
  • you can't do anything that requires root permissions. This includes downloading new bash commands over apt-get and more
  • there's limitations in storage/memory
  • there's much better code editors for desktop
    Many developers need these features and are restricted by these limitations
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Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both Platforms:-

Desktop IDE's


  • Runs Offline
  • Packages can be downloaded fast
  • Full access to all features.
  • Debugger
  • etc


  • Can't share

Need a virtual machine or need a domain

  • Can't collaborate
  • Hangs the system if it is of less RAM
  • Some IDE's needed to buy


  • Instant IDE
  • Shareable
  • Code together with 50 members at a time (temporary feature)
  • Have a Free and a Paid version too
  • Debugger
  • Keeps data online
  • GitHub integration
  • 50+ languages at a time
  • Learning resources
  • etc


  • Runs Online
  • Cannot access all the commands sometimes

nothing much more to add in Disadvantages

Hope this helps

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The thing is, in the real world, people will use their own desktop to code, and then if they wanted to share it with others, they would have to buy a virtual machine and a domain. That's no big deal, but for beginners, that's not really easy and cheap to do. was made to solve that problem for beginners, but if you are going to want more reliability, you will have to start paying.

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Hi, the main disadvantage is that repl is online.

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That's funny

, I consider that to be the main advantage