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"Repl Waking Up..." not stopping
multicoder2021 (6)

In my repl, WoWML, I run the program and wait, because it shows "Repl waking up...", but even after 30 minutes it still does not run the actual program. Any ideas how to stop this?

HackermonDev (2103)

It looks like there is an error in your project. Fix the error and i'm sure the repl will work again!

multicoder2021 (6)

Erm, well, Im not actually sure what the error is...

QuickV (197)

Maybe it just takes up too much memory/space... Or the project size is just too large... Replit isn't really that good for extremely large projects (though it doesn't look like your project is large, so I don't know why this is happening...)... I recommend posting this in "bugs".