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Recover my account
OscarOswaldo1 (0)

I don't remember my password are @EvilVB
i remember the mail but don't works
and the password don't work
but the account are my propiety
i can't need help

(Sorry for my bad english)

here's one proof

QuickV (197)

Maybe this will work:

Go here, and then enter your email.

Replit will then send you an email with instructions for how to reset your password.

Hopefully this helps!

OscarOswaldo1 (0)

@QuickV but the email is not associated with the account
and the image is the only proof and apparently the mail is no longer there
associated with the account as if it had been changed or hacked

And it should be noted that it is the only test because it is the only email they sent me

and i don't receive any mail for part of

QuickV (197)

Hmm, that's weird.

Try talking to the replit team on that.


QuickV (197)

Hm try mailing replit at [email protected]

and see if they reply?


OscarOswaldo1 (0)

@QuickV I will send my mail here?

QuickV (197)

No, you send your email on

The word "here" was a link

Sorry for the confusion.