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Raspberry Pi Config Screen
TheC0derGirl (222)

Hi All,

Complete newbie here. I bought a Raspberry Pi for my little sister as she is a budding coder. However, after installing the image onto the machine, we have been having problems with the screen as half of it is cut off.

I was told by the people we bought it off to make 'config changes' and then sent this set of instructions. I have to say I am confused. Please would some bright spark translate the instructions for me in laymans terms.

I hope someone can help as my sister is very eager to get started on her new computer.

Thanks Kindly,


Answered by 19wintersp (1120) [earned 5 cycles]
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19wintersp (1120)
  1. Download the file from the linked website, and unzip the file. Once it's unzipped, there is a file ending in ".img".
  2. Take the TF card, and connect it to the computer. You should use this program to format the card. The program should give you instructions on how to do this.
  3. Use this program, select the ".img" file from step 1, and click "Write".
  4. When it finishes, open the TF card in your file explorer. There should be a file called "config.txt". Open it, write the config bits to the end of the file, save it, and close the editing program.
  5. Take the TF card out, and put it into the Pi.
  6. Turn on the backlight switch on the back of the LCD/screen.
  7. Use an appropriate connector to connect the "Touch" port on the LCD to the USB port on the Pi.
  8. Use an appropriate connector to connect the "HDMI" port on the LCD to the same-shape port on the Pi.
  9. Turn on the Pi, and wait a few seconds for the LCD to work properly.
Wilke000 (625)

@IndyRishi should be able to help with everything Rasberry Pi

IndyRishi (150)

What type of Pi is it?

TheC0derGirl (222)

@IndyRishi 400, but it's ok, it's fixed now :)

one thing though, are you able to fix no sound coming out of it?

IndyRishi (150)

@TheC0derGirl Yes you need a speaker attached or there won't be sound.