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Quick question...
gr4yz (7)

Does anyone know the best method to import and work with GIFs? I have an entire folder of multiple of them ready to be made into a game but don't know how to do that. Nothing on the internet really benefits me here. I literally just need to line up the GIFs with some progression buttons in between them, that's it. I even have the credits of my game in GIF form, so if someone could send me an idea, that'd be great.

gr4yz (7)
SilvermoonCat (429)

What coding language?

gr4yz (7)

@SilvermoonCat Anything ideally, but I'm familiar with Python/Pygame.

SilvermoonCat (429)

@gr4yz Ok
I’m not sure, this might work

from PIL import Image
image ="imagething.jpg");;