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Python Project Ideas

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im looking for projects to do in python as i have no idea on what to code i cant use turtle graphics or anything too advanced but i have made stuff like calculators and unit converters i would appreciate some idea if you have any thank you

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Here are a few ideas for your game.

  • 2048
  • Text adventure game
  • A simulator (Business Simulator, etc.)
  • War game
  • An arcade game (Kind like Space Invaders or Pacman)
  • Uno
  • A replica of a board game
  • A game kind of like Plague.Inc where you have to try to make a disease to wipe the whole world out.
  • tic tac toe
  • apocalypse game
  • tycoon
  • Rock paper scissors, but with ASCII art
  • Making an ASCII art animation
  • battleship
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Alrighty here's the whole list, you can filter through the useful/doable ones:

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • pacman
  • battleship
  • choice making game
  • quiz (like harry potter quiz, math quiz, star wars quiz)
  • personality quiz (like which house are you in HP, are you a nerd/jock/popular/idiot etc)
  • tic tac toe
  • pong
  • minesweeper
  • uno
  • dice rolling game
  • name/place/idea/story generator
  • HTML webpage about yourself
  • text based adventure game
  • simulator (Life sim, cooking sim, teacher sim, fighting sim, etc.)
  • hotel managment game
  • game like Among Us
  • game like Scribble
  • typing test
  • tycoon game (idle factory game, idle miner game, idle city game)
  • minecraft but simpler
  • ascii art/animation
  • url shortener
  • board game (monopoly, uno, risk, game of life, etc)
  • site like another site (site like, google, amazon)
  • clicker game
  • make a tutorial about something you know well of
  • learn a new language (like C, C++, C#, nodeJS, javascript, ruby, haskell, etc.)

If you need more ideas, you can just google on the internet "program ideas"; here are some results:

Good luck!

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Here are some

  • 2048
  • adventure game
  • UNO
  • basic text game
  • calculator
  • future age calculator
  • age calculator
  • random number generator
  • random word generator
  • hangman
  • typing game
  • emotion teller
  • currency converter

Ping me if you need more

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Do Searching In python:

YS = input("search anything:") print("do you mean",YS,"\nYou Search:",YS)
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i dont understand can you explain a bit more please?

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like google but in python**

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yes but i still have no idea how i could do that

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(another idea)
story game