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PocketSphinx wont install due to swig missing, cant install swig
juls07 (0)

Hi, im trying to make an A.I. that can understand speech and turn it into text I'm going to be using Sphinx CMU and I'm using PocketSphinx since that's the easiest way to use it with python but when I try to install sphinx it fails and says swig is not installed but when I try to install that it fails to install because it cant copy some /usr/lib file please help

Answered by CodeMaster007 (108) [earned 5 cycles]
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CodeMaster007 (108)

I don't think repl added that feature yet. I looked for files and projects on this but didn't find anything.

juls07 (0)

@CodeMaster007 sad, ok thanks for the help. I'll just use google's speech recognition.

CodeMaster007 (108)

Yes. You can do tts (text to speech) on html though. If you would like... @juls07