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Please put the + button back on top right corner
joka0303 (0)


I just wrote a book about visual programming in math, and I'm promoting in my book.
In my instructions on how to create a new file, I have used the + button on top right corner.
The button is there on, but after you create a new file, you get the magnifying glass instead.

Please put the + button back, also after we have created a new file.
Creating a new repl is something we do very often, and should be accessible with 1 click, not 2.

Please fix this.

robowolf (550)

The plus button is still there for me.

Anyways try bookmarking That's a way to get it in one click.

joka0303 (0)

@robowolf Thanks, but if you create a new repl, then the + button disappears, you only see the magnifying glass.

Bookie0 (6360)

Ah yes, that's quite troublesome. You can press the hamburger icon, then press new repl (2 clicks):

or click the magnifying glass and then click new repl (also 2 clicks)

You can suggest this in feedback here.

Good luck! :D

InvisibleOne (3208)

post this in the space