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Please help me.
AmazingCoderE (0)

It seems like my code is just stopping for no reason.
For example, this is where my code just stop's:
while True:
print_board (board)
user_input = input("Please enter a position 1 through 9 or enter \"q\" to quit:")
if quit(user_input):break
if not check_input(user_input):
print("Please try again.")
------------------------------------------------ <--- Code stops here.
user_input = int(user_input) - 1
board[0] = "x"
coords = coordinates(user_input)
if istaken(coords, board):
print("Please try again.")
add_to_board(coords, board)

Does anyone know how to fix this???

ch1ck3n (2063)

it doesnt stop for me