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NSPC (1)

So basically pip is kinda a little burden for me. Every time I get back to, certain modules I had installed (e.g. pywhatkit and pyqt5) gets missing and I have to reinstall them. More still, pip downgrades from pip-21.1.1 to pip-19.3.1 . This also happens when left inactive for while. However, other modules like pyjokes and Wikipedia is still installed. What is the problem and is it common?

BruceLi2 (1)

This has been happening to me too. It's in the pyproject.toml, but every once in a while it has to be reinstalled.

InvisibleOne (2978)

As long as it's added to the packaging files it should be kept in your project, make sure it's there and the version is the one you want.

NSPC (1)

@InvisibleOne wdym by packaging files and how do I keep it in packaging files?