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PHP legacy
shaunakk (0)

I want to use PHP legacy in order for me to run curl_multi_init(). Is it possible?

ch1ck3n (1626)

hmm i don't think its possible to go back a version on replit. try installing earlier-version-PHP on your computer.

shaunakk (0)

Thank you @ch1ck3n. How to use curl_init() here? Is there a way?

ch1ck3n (1626)

@shaunakk try using file_get_contents.

$rickroll = file_get_contents("");
echo $rickroll;
shaunakk (0)

Thank you @ch1ck3n. I had initially tried with file_get_contents only but it is too slow when it comes to multiple files so I wanted to use curl file export.