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P5.js LoadTable() Dose not Work!?!?!
ErrorbotTHE2nd (7)

in my code i have

loadTable("A&QTest.csv", "csv", "header")

in my preload function but for some reason the file won't load?!?!

I know the file is small because all it is, is this:

Test,Test123,"test, lol"

also, I know my code works are because of this:

so I don't know what is wrong?!?!

Answered by LukeWright (114) [earned 5 cycles]
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LukeWright (114)

im assuming that you are getting an infinate load because your file path is incorrect.
instead of:

function preload() {
  qaTable = loadTable("A&QTest.csv", "csv", "header");


function preload() {
  qaTable = loadTable("Q&ATest.csv", "csv", "header");