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Opening repl browser with justpy
smfrederico (0)

Hi everyone! Has somene got any idea of how to run a justpy application ( a web page) so that a user may see it ? In other words, how can somene see the repl webbrowser open? Would it be fine to just use webbrowser library to open and see the local repl browser? Thanks in advance!

smfrederico (0)

@adityavengata, @xfinnbar and @wumi4, thank you all. Today the repl manage to load justpy library. I guess yesterday the repl server had a quirk. Unfortunately, even though I used the commands you had advised, I didn´t make it. I´ve just sent a message to "[email protected]". I hope they may enlighten me.

adityavengata (12)

Thats super complex, just use webbot to trigger the browser:

from webbot import Browser
repl = Browser()

If your justpy works fine, you can then open a new tab and connect to the localhost or any web page

smfrederico (0)

The repl has not loaded justpy, even though I had typed pip install

xfinnbar (82)

@smfrederico Use the packages button on the sidebar. It looks like a cube.

smfrederico (0)

I added these lines "'')", but to no avail :(

Wumi4 (531)

I don't know. Try typing firefox to the shell or something like that. Maybe it will trigger the GUI.