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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate my website?

Give me your honest opinion :) and open it in a new tab for the best result of it.


I'll be honest, you should have used Shopify (see example) to make a website.

It's going to be much prettier and easier, while less suspicious.

Speaking of suspicious, the reviews look fake 👀

It's also a bit weird to hotlink products from different sites (like
The layout is not the best - Might be better to put some products on your front page in a table.

Lastly, why are there separate html files for different products? It would be much more convenient to store different products in a json file and create different slugs for the products (but you'll need to use a backend technology for that)


Thank you for being honest and this was a class project so all of the people who reviewed it really enjoyed it for the level of expertise that we are at. Also for the hot links that are from other sites are mainly just for show and tell. Lastly I haven't learned anything about the json files and stuff like [email protected]



Sorry for saying that the reviews were suspicious, it makes a lot more sense that you got all 5 stars because they were classmates.

I appreciate how you're being so positive even though the post I just made had a lot of negatives in it.

As for this project, this is a great start to coding and I hope you have a great time on the journey of learning 😊


Thank you :)@Kudos


Looks good! Like the voice, but the website looks pretty broken on my phone, also the image of the products is not well aligned. Some of them are on the left, and some on the right. Perhaps 7/10.

Also, you are posting this on Ask section, which is for asking question and not for sharing. If you want to share then post this on Share tag instead.


Oh well this was meant for computers so maybe that's why it doesn't really look right and I asked a question so why wouldnt it go in [email protected]